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What is OmahaHSSports?

Omaha High School Sports (OmahaHSSports) is Omaha's leading high school sports publication, featuring a team of over 20 passionate professionals covering football, basketball, and other sports within the NSAA’s Metro Conference and beyond. Founded by an entrepreneur and sports photographer, OmahaHSSports has rapidly expanded into a powerhouse, garnering millions of monthly content views. Discover more about our original founding team below.

Meet the Staff


Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Editor-in-Chief

Nathanial George

Since its founding, I've been in charge of OmahaHSSports' marketing, management, and publication. I also write stories and take pictures. Don't be afraid to say hi if you see me around!


Jonathan Snover.jpg

Senior Writer

Jonathan Snover

It has been my privilege to contribute to OmahaHSSports since its inaugural running, and I look forward to continuing to share my knowledge of the high school sports world with you. If you have a story idea or tip, feel free to contact me.


Breanna Strunc_edited_edited_edited_edit

Senior Photographer

Breanna Strunc

I run the photography division of OmahaHSSports. You can catch me shooting away on a sideline with my Canon equipment.



Senior Analyst

Samuel Kuany

Call me Sam! You can catch me at the end zone or courtside. I love contributing to OmahaHSSports — especially the weekly power rankings! Let me or one of my colleagues know if you have any big news about Omaha high school sports.


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