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Bottom Five: Omaha Benson undisputedly wins the championship

Every week, CBS Sports reporter Tom Fornelli ranks the 25 worst teams in college football. In case you haven't heard of the Bottom 25, click here to check out the rankings from when the Huskers were 0-4 this past season.

Anybody can compile a list of their top five teams in Class A, especially after the playoffs. But it takes a real fan to come up with the five worst. I did just that. And for the record: these rankings are meant to be lighthearted, not insulting.

5. Omaha South (2-7)

Following the loss of former head coach Chris Fant at the hands of Omaha Northwest, the Packers doubled their win total from 2017 (1-7). South went 2-0 against fellow Bottom Five teams, beating Omaha Bryan and Omaha Benson, but slid in at the five spot after failing to defeat an unranked team.

4. North Platte (1-8)

The Bulldogs of the West improved from 2017's 2-7 record when they went 1-8 this season. Their win, 48-7 at home, came over top-ranked Omaha Benson.

3. Omaha Bryan (1-8)

The Bears' lone win of 2018 came on the road to the eventual 0-9 South Sioux City Cardinals. Bryan went 0-1 against other Bottom Five teams, featuring a 42-28 loss in primetime against Omaha South.

2. Bellevue East (0-9)

As one of two winless teams this season, the Chieftains slide into the Bottom Five at number two. The only thing hindering them from the top spot is that they didn't play another ranked team. Their worst loss came from Bellevue West by an 81-6 score, and their winless streak currently sits at 17 games.

1. Omaha Benson (0-9)

The Bunnies claim the 2018 OmahaHSFootball Bottom Five championship.

Also on a 17-game losing streak, Benson rolled through 2018 without a win — and their 0-9 record included two losses to fellow Bottom Five teams (a 37-0 loss to Omaha South and a 48-7 loss to North Platte, respectively).


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